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About AVR

AVR is paving the future of immersive learning through serving executive development and corporate markets. AVR has developed a Software-Platform that enables high impact VR experiences. The platform empowers our partners to make the leap to immersive learning by:


1.Using existing premium content co-produced with our design partner INSEAD

2.Curate immersive experiences from our extensive Immersive Asset Library.

3.Apply our Toolbox to create own content


AVR’s platform uses Behavioral Analytics, which enables data driven personalized learning.  AVR’s technology and content are Metaverse ready, positioning it at a unique advantage to lead the future of immersive learning.

About XR Learning™

XR Learning™ is an advanced Edtech platform, developed by AVR Immersive Solutions LTD, which drives the transformation of learning in academia and corporate training. XR Learning™ offers a unique combination of technology and user experience. We partner with subject matter experts to create disciplinary immersive portals, transforming how people learn and grow today, and in the future metaverse.

Co-Founder, CEO


Daniel Landau is an entrepreneur, researcher and media expert. For over a decade he has been working in the field of Virtual Reality both in leading technology companies and top academic institutions. Daniel is an active media artist with works presented in major venues and museums worldwide. He earned his PhD at Aalto University Media Lab Helsinki.

Co-Founder, Chief Content


Alon Epstein is a senior executive and learning expert, bringing an overarching experience in people and organizational development. For over a decade, he has designed, directed, and teached in global executive education programs. Alon holds a BA in psychology and business (Hebrew University) and an MSc specializing in Organizational Behaviour (Tel Aviv University).

Co-Founder, Chair of Board


Ithai Stern is a Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. His research is devoted to advancing the field of behavioural strategy published in leading management journals. His research has been featured in numerous print, radio, and television outlets including BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, CNN, CNBC, and Fast Company.


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