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Learners will be virtually immersed into a peaceful beach in Zanzibar with white sand, clear turquoise waters, and a variety of exotic juice bars. But how do customers choose which bar to approach? They are situated close to one another, look the same and sell similar products. 

Participants will meet two business owners - Gabriella at Bravocado, and Robert at Zanzi-Bar - and gather details in order to figure out their different business outlooks and competitive advantage. Based on their acquired knowledge, participants will also have an opportunity to consult Gabriella and give her some strategic advice on how to expand her avocado shake business. What would be her optimal option to support sustainable growth?

Type of experience

Scripted Case Study 

Learning areas




Unique features

Multiple-choice questions


"Easter eggs"

60-90 min

4 min

Recommended learning time
Duration of VR
Learning objectives
  • Identify and define strategic resources which enable a sustainable competitive advantage 

  • Analyze the corporate’s strategic positioning compared to market and competitors

  • Practice the consultant’s role

  • Apply the VRIO model to assess sustainable competitive advantage 

  • Identify core competencies and plan growth around them 

  • Compare strategic outlooks of businesses, and their relative advantages 

  • Asses how to approach a strategic dilemma, analyze the situation, and come up with a viable suggestion

  • Develop different strategies for business growth

  • Devise innovative solutions for real problems


Ithai Stern, Daniel Landau

Keeping up with the Avocados 

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage 
Experience segments - 3
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