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It is another beautiful day on Maio, one of the least visited and inhabited islands of Cabo Verde. The team of FMB is celebrating its tenth anniversary and, more importantly, its future direction.
FMB is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the environment on the island. It has grown from a small start-up to an organization which is firmly embedded in the community.  In this immersive experience, participants will take on the perspective of the next leader of FMB and try to address the competing demands of conservation and community development. Participants need to determine FMBs next stage of development as Maio is about to embark on major infrastructure projects that could overwhelm the delicate ecosystem. Can they help FMB take on these challenges?

Type of experience

Interactive Documentary 

Learning areas


Team dynamics



Decision making (bias)


Unique features

Multiple choice questions 

User condition allocation

Heat maps & behavioral analytics

Rating and assessment

2-3 Hrs

30 min

Recommended learning time
Duration of VR
Learning objectives
  • Embracing the concept of paradoxical leadership and the constant state of change and adaptation.

  • Strategic decision-making under conditions of diverse and often opposing constraints

  • Balancing competing demands at the organization, team, and leadership levels

  • Balancing value-based objectives versus financial needs 

  • Reflecting on different approaches to form teams

  • Facing challenges and opportunities associated with team diversity and multicultural teams


Ella Miron-Spektor, Ithai Stern, Daniel Landau, Alon Epstein

Paradoxical Leadership @ FMB

Achieving sustainable conservation for Fundação Maio Biodiversidade (FMB)
Experience segments - 6
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