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Katie and TJ are best friends getting ready to compete in a surfing competition. Unfortunately, they discover they have arrived at the wrong beach. Things get even more complicated as they encounter a series of challenges preventing them from getting to the competition on time. Will participants be able to help these unlucky friends to solve their problems? Through a series of interactive interfaces and innovative ways, participants will select options and objects in the virtual sphere.    

This immersive experience will reveal assumptions and biases that limit creative thinking. Participants will be challenged to think “inside the box” to look for solutions from the systematic creativity toolbox.

Type of experience

Scripted Interactive Experience

Learning areas




Unique features

Interactive simulation

Narrative led interactions 

Hot-Spots and object selection 

Problem solving mechanism 

90 min - full course

~20 min

Recommended learning time
Duration of VR
Learning objectives
  • Experience the barriers to creative thinking 

  • Acquire ”inside the box” creativity tools 

  • Improve creativity with systematic inventive thinking 

  • Apply the systematic approach to various problems and business cases


Ella Miron-Spektor (INSEAD OB), Amitava Chattopadhyay (INSEAD Marketing), Jacob Goldenberg (Reichman U), Daniel Landau, Alon Epstein

Surfs Up! Designing Effective Solutions

A systematic approach to creativity & ideation
Experience segments - 3
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